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France Has Changed 2,000 spellings … Will English-Speaking Countries Do The Same?

You may have seen this in the news recently:   A reform 2 decades in the making, it’s caused outrage among language ‘purists’, and circles partly around the removal of the circumflex accent, that pointy hat symbol, above certain letters if they aren’t making any difference to the sound. It’s even had its own hashtag: #jesuiscirconflexe […]

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The Day I Met Cockney Royalty

From Left to Right: Teresa Watts – Pearly Queen of Clapton, Terry Sadler – Pearly King of Tower Hamlets, Vicky Groves – Pearly Queen of Bow, Lorraine Sadler – Pearly Queen of Tower Hamlets. Since starting up this podcast, I’ve met some brilliant people – and the first episode isn’t even live yet. But a real highlight […]

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How Cockney Are You?

How well do you know your Cockney Rhyming Slang?   … now see if you made the leaderboard: [mlw_quizmaster_leaderboard mlw_quiz=1]   To keep updated on the Finding Voices podcast, and for free accent tips, subscribe to my blog using the box at the top of the page. What’s your favourite Cockney term? Do you know any alternatives […]

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5 Ways to Listen Actively when Learning Accents (and why you need to)

So you probably realise the Australians don’t call out “G’day Bruce!” at every given opportunity. And you know the Irish don’t sing, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!” while river-dancing in green coats. But how much are stereotypes still sticking to your brain when you try and learn a new accent? A recent article on […]

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