Clearer Speech

For Employees & Leaders

Perhaps you employ non-native English speakers, and want to equip them with English speaking skills that they can use in meetings and conversations.

Or perhaps your offices operate internationally, and you are concerned with miscommunication across teams?

Are you keen to include voice coaching as part of a repatriation or inter-cultural skills package?

Paul can assess and provide coaching for corporate individuals and groups to help them get their message across clearly and confidently in English, and train their ear to become more comfortable when conversing with international colleagues.

Paul has previously coached individuals from a wide variety of companies and organisations, including:

- CEOs & Company Directors, Entrepreneurs, Enterprise Architects, Business Strategy Consultants, IPO Advisors, Corporate Brokers, Corporate Lawyers, Project Managers, Doctors, Psychiatrists, University Lecturers, IT Consultants, Designers, Interpreters, Solicitors and more. 

These clients have worked with companies such as Lloyds, Dyson, BP, Invesco, ECSI Asia, The Economist, Deutsche Bank, Blue Ocean Strategy Innovation Centre, Tesco, Balfour Beatty, Kaplan, Wipro Technologies, Amaticity, Academy Of Ministry of Internal Affairs (Uzbekistan), Oxford Education Group, among others.

Having taught speakers of 40+ languages how to become more clear and confident speakers, Paul can expertly assess the speaking habits of each client and create a plan that's customised for their unique voice and goals.

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Public Speaking

for Business

If you have started a new role that requires you to speak publicly more often, or you are already in that role but want to speak with more confidence and impact, Paul can help.

Paul has worked with people from all walks of life and all levels of business, from CEOs to call centre staff, helping them to find a voice that's effective, influential and authentically their own.

Whether it's a crucial meeting, presentation, or your next keynote, 1-to-1 coaching can be invaluable in finding the vocal range and confidence you need to have a real impact on others as a leader and team member.

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Business & Creative

If you need to consult a voice coach who specialises in accent, phonetics & phonology, get in touch to see if Paul would be a good fit.

For film & theatre work Paul is available for consultation and coaching on regional and international English accents & dialects.

Or perhaps you're a writer or academic who needs a second opinion on a topic related to speech and accents.

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Paul Baston

About Paul

Paul is an experienced Accent & Dialect Coach and Voiceover Artist, based in Greater Manchester. He coaches people from all over the globe in pronunciation, accent and dialect.

From 2015 to 2023, he was the Co-Founder of English Pronunciation Roadmap, an online eLearning project that helped thousands of people get clearer and more confident in their speech. 

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