How Cockney Are You?

How well do you know your Cockney Rhyming Slang?

Apples and Pears

As a preview to my Finding Voices podcast, which will explore this fine East End tongue in detail, I've put together a little quiz. See if you can beat your friends and make it to the top 5!

So let's get started. The question will give you a Cockney Rhyming Slang term, and you then select the correct definition below it. A few of the questions are in plain English and you must find the real Cockney equivalent. Good luck!

1. Rosie Lee
2. Barnet Fair
3. Apples and pears
4. Lionel Blairs/ Tony Blairs
5. Plates of Meat
6. What's Cockney for: Kidney?
7. Daily Mail
8. What's Cockney for: Corner?
9. Lady from Bristol
10. Bird Bath / Tin Bath
11. Ruby Murray / Andy Murray
12. Butcher's Hook
13. A La Mode
14. Looby Lou
15. What is Cockney for: Phone
16. What is Cockney for: Watch
17. Okay one more for you young Cockneys ... Barack Obamas?

What's your name?


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What’s your favourite Cockney term? Do you know any alternatives to the answers here?

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