Coaching: 3 Options


“Accent Reduction”

What Does It Mean?

Accent Reduction is a funny term.

It demonstrates the biggest misconception about accents: that some people have them, and some people don't.

Of course this is a crazy idea: in fact, everyone has an accent.

A more helpful term might be this: Accent Addition. Adding a new accent to your skillset that you can use socially and professionally.

Who Is The Coaching For?

If you're looking for coaching, whether you speak English as a first or second language, some of these challenges might sound familiar:

“The first thing people ask me is, where are you from?"


“People ask me to repeat myself"


“My children are starting to correct my pronunciation"


“I'm feeling held back professionally because of my accent"


“I love languages and I really want to master the British English sound"

Your Own ‘Clear Speech' Plan

Having taught speakers of 40+ languages how to become more clear and confident in Standard British English, Paul can expertly assess your speaking habits and create a plan that's customised for your voice and your goals:

1. Identify What Will Have The Biggest Impact

This could be vowel or consonant sounds, or the intonation and linking you use when you speak. I listen to your unique voice and identify which areas will provide the biggest transformation.

2. Tailor-Made Coaching & Exercises

These exercises will train your ear and muscles to build awareness and begin developing new speech habits.

3. Review & Practice

We will review previous sounds that you've found challenging to keep you focused and confident about your progress.

My coaching includes a 320-page eBook with 12+ hours of audio* – so there is plenty of material you can use to reinforce your new habits.

* English Pronunciation Roadmap – Ashley Howard, 2015.

If you'd like to speak with more ease, confidence & clarity, and make a real impact with your voice, get in touch today:


Accent & Dialect Coaching

For Actors

I have coached actors for theatre in accents ranging from South Africa to Scotland. If you're an actor, voice artist or just love accents and need more bespoke help in mastering an accent or dialect, please do get in touch:


Public Speaking

For Everyone

Do you want to feel more range and confidence when speaking publicly?

Clear speaking is one thing, but do you also want to ‘hold the floor' and make a real impact on the people you speak to?

Work with Paul to become a more confident and dynamic speaker:

Paul Baston

About Paul

Paul is an experienced Accent & Dialect Coach and Voiceover Artist, based in Greater Manchester. He coaches people from all over the globe in pronunciation, accent and dialect.

From 2015 to 2023, he was the Co-Founder of English Pronunciation Roadmap, an online eLearning project that helped thousands of people get clearer and more confident in their speech. 

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