My interest in accents and voices has always been there since I was a child. Through my experience in theatre, this grew into a fascination with how we actually form these sounds, the different ways we do so, and how the natural voice can be both freed and held back.

While teaching English as a foreign language in Asia back in 2007, I began using my existing skills whilst teaching myself phonetics in order to teach students various approaches to improve their English pronunciation. The results were great and I have been refining my teaching skills in various contexts since then.

Accent Coaching

I have coached actors for theatre in accents ranging from South Africa to Scotland. If you want to improve your skills in acquiring new accents, for whatever reason, check out the free information over at my blog.

If you’re an actor or voice artist and need more bespoke help in mastering an accent, please do get in touch.

Accent Reduction

If you would like to speak with more clarity and conviction, please visit the website for voice coach Ashley Howard at I deliver courses in both ‘The Essentials’ and ‘Advanced’ for both non-native and native speakers – through Skype and face-to-face in East London.

We’d love to hear from you.

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